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Sowbhagya Eggs


Ayur eggs are near organic eggs specially laid by hens which are fed with nutritious herbal and ayurvedic feed such as turmeric, garlic, amla, drumstick leaves etc. This boosts the natural immunity of the hen from day one. All our chickens are free-range, fed with a high-quality vegetarian protein with no toxins, steroids & free of hormones, and they lay odorless eggs. The Sowbhagya eggs are delicious, nutrition-rich, safe and naturally wholesome near Organic Eggs. Know More about Nutritious Ayur Eggs.

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With the intensification of unnecessary use of antibiotics, hormones, steroids, and toxins throughout the practice of producing organic eggs and milk cause a high threat to the community. There is an extraordinary increase in health issues such as multidrug resistance (not responding to multiple medications), Hormonal imbalances (Early puberty, irregular menstrual cycles) and aflatoxin poisoning (suppressed immune system, liver damage, liver cancer due to DNA mutation).


Ayur free range eggs are really Good and best product of Ayur eggs. My day starts with healthy Ayur Desi eggs.

Kranthi Kumar

Ayur eggs are very good for health. Ayur free range eggs are the best seller. As we are using from last 2months. Expecting more stores to get easier for daily use. Thank u Ayur eggs. For delivering products free of charge.

Santhosh In

Great taste of healthy food! Very prompt service and all my questions were answered when l had doubts. Fast delivery also! Can’t be happier to discover healthy eggs and chicken!

Nambikei Barosa

These eggs are really good with health benefits. Thank you Ayur.

Harshit Srivastava

My sister used Ayur+ eggs to eat them during delivery. Now, Kids at home craving for it calling special egg. I came to know it’s their preferred snack.


Ayur plus eggs are good for health. If you want to be fit you can have each egg a day. Keep going as per your vision. Thanks for supplying proteins for our health. All the best for your further. Ease maintained the same.

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