Ayur Desi Eggs(6 Nos)


The finest quality of eggs produced by our natti breed chickens. Ayur Desi Eggs are organic, free range & super rich in Omega3. In a box, you can find six of these eggs filled with goodness

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Desi Eggs are one of the finest quality of eggs produced by Ayur eggs. The desi chicken breeds (naati breeds) are reared in a hygienic & stress-free environment with a perfect synergy between Sciences & Traditions. The chickens have access to lush green pastures & are supplemented with Omega3 & DHA rich algae for a well-balanced diet. The feed contains no antibiotics, hormones or steroids, thus these eggs are rich in Omega3, Choline, Selenium, Carotenoids, Vitamin D, E, Iron etc…


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