Ayur Egg Benefits

Ayur Egg provides with near organic, all natural eggs that benefit the human body. These eggs are produced by chickens who are fed only ayurvedic (herbal) feed, this includes flax seeds, garlic, etc. Ayur Egg Benefits everyone. It's not necessary that it helps all people in the same way. Each age group is benefited in different ways. It might help the kids by increasing their memory, whereas it helps the teens by improving their concentration, the early mother's quality of breast milk increases. The details as to how eating Ayur egg benefits different age groups is given below.

Ayur Egg Benefits


  1. Feeding eggs to kids stimulate healthy body growth, strengthens bones & teeth.
  2. It helps improve memory & IQ.
  3. Reduces risk of Anemia & Malnutrition.
  4. Improves immunity, eyesight etc.


  1. DHA & Choline helps fetal brain development & helps prevents birth defects.
  2. Essential amino acids in eggs support fetal growth.
  3. Iron is well absorbed & lowers risk of Anemia.
  4. It improves memory function and learning ability in later stages.

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  1. Eating eggs helps to improve concentration.
  2. It promotes brain function, muscle development, hormonal balance, immune function, metabolism etc...
  3. It helps reduce pimples & improve skin glow.


  1. When early mothers have eggs, it improves the quality of breast milk.
  2. Nutrients in egg enter mothers milk helps brain cell development and liver function of the infant.

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  1. Nutritious Ayur Eggs reduce cell death & act as an anti-ageing means.
  2. It promotes nail & hair growth & helps in healthy weight loss.
  3. A great source of vitamins to help maintain good vision and eye health.
  4. As a rich source of vitamin D3, it helps improve fertility & Sperm count.
  5. Prevent muscle loss, reduce inflammation & increase good cholesterol.
  6. Reduce the risk of a migraine, chronic diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack, Cataract, Osteoporosis, Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, etc...

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