– Wrong Ways Of Eating Eggs

Wrong Ways Of Eating Eggs

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Eating Eggs

Eating eggs are cherished by many, in plenty of appealing forms but how many of us really know when and if our eggs are faultlessly healthy enough to consume? You could be savoring the zest of an appealing egg platter but if prepared incorrectly, you could be eating egg wrong and causing damage to your body and health in more than one way. A faulty egg recipe not only lowers the nutritional value that you derive from your meal but also propels irregularities in the digestive system and overall health. Take a look at some of the most common yet neglected ways of eating eggs every day that could be making you fall for a disease, or worse, causing long-term harm to your health:

1. Eating eggs that are undercooked:

Eating Underboiled Eggs

Did you know that the benefits of eating egg could diminish if your eggs are not cooked properly? Not being cooked at a high temperature would not kill the bacteria present in the egg. It is not hard to imagine the consequences of consuming any organic food laden with bacteria.

2. Eating half cooked eggs after a night:

As time goes on, a half cooked egg allows the breeding of bacteria inside the egg, which would later go on to cause irritation and discomfort in the intestines and the stomach, if consumed after a night’s time. One of the common myths about healthy ways of eating eggs is that one should cook eggs for a long time, in order to cook them completely. However, this is completely untrue as cooking eggs for a long time would cause the formation of Ferrous Sulphide, which is hard for the human body to absorb.

3. Consuming egg in large quantity:

Organic White Eggs

No matter how many benefits of eggs you know about, it never makes sense to consume a large quantity of any food item. This is true in case of organic eggs, desi eggs, brown eggs and even free range eggs as all of them contain a high amount of protein in them. You would be burdening your kidneys by consuming too much protein, as would you do to the metabolism. Ideally, one should consume two eggs a day.

4. Eating eggs on an empty stomach:

Eating eggs on an empty stomach is not the best ways of eating eggs as the high amount of protein in those eggs would only transform into heat and fail to provide any nutrition to the body. Moreover, a large deposit of protein within the body can lead to the formation of urea and ammonia, which are highly harmful to the body.

5. Adding sugar to fried eggs and drinking soybean milk together:

If eggs are made to boil with sugar, an enzyme called glycosyl lysine can form, which brings damage to the health. Similarly, a combination of soybean milk and eggs is unhealthy for you, as the element par enzyme in the milk can combine with a typical type of protein in the egg, leading to a reduction in the nutrition levels from the meal.

Know The Types Of Eggs

6. Overheating eggs:

Besides destroying the natural nutrition in the process, high heating of eggs leads to oxidation of the cholesterol present in the egg yolk. This can further lead to the formation of oxysterols, high levels of which, can lead to increased risk of a heart disease.

7. Choosing eggs that are not really nutritious:

Nutritional quality of an egg is influenced by the farming method of the eggs and the chicken’s diet. For this reason, organic eggs are thought be superior in terms of nutrition and health than conventionally produced eggs. So, if you can afford them, you should really go for it!

It is easy to fall for unscientific or conventional ways of eating a food item but if it becomes the cause of trouble for your health, you should alter the method of consuming that item, such as eggs. Eat well and stay well with the best nutrition from eggs!

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