– Why Switch To Healthy Ayur Chicken

Why Switch To Healthy Ayur Chicken

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Saying Ayur chicken is organic and good for your health is not just going to cut it.
We know it and we understand it. Because taking care of yourself and giving yourself the best of everything is as important as living a happy life. In fact, choosing what makes you better is the key to a happy life.

So we are here to give you facts rather than reasons:

1. Free-range chickens are super healthy!

First of all, let’s talk about the labels. Free-range is nothing but the Ayur chickens, left to roam freely and forage their own food. This is especially helpful when it’s time for them to lay eggs since hens have one of the most sensitive reproducing periods. They can get quite fussy if the weather or the environment is not to their liking and it will also cause complications during the laying process.

These chickens are thus obviously healthier than commercially bred ones which are caged and fed antibiotics and toxic chemicals. This is why most prefer organic over others.

2. The Special Ayurvedic Diet

This is one of the most important aspects of organic chicken farming. The ayurvedic feed that Ayur chickens have on a daily basis consists of natural and traditional medicinal herbs.

This includes everyday products that are inherently medicinal like turmeric, flaxseed, garlic and a mixture comprising of 40 Ayurvedic herbs. With a few more of Ayur’s special ingredients in, we’ve got the healthiest feed to feed our chickens that make them what they are.

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Turmeric – It’s the herb that naturally relieves your chickens’ pain or illness and is the best chicken feed. It also aids in digestion and helps maintain healthy skin, eyes and brain functions. It’s a powerful antioxidant and antiviral, which helps boost the immune system.

For this very reason Ayur chicken keepers feed the chickens with the right amount of turmeric mixture to help them maintain the well-being of both the chicken and the eggs.

Flax Seeds – Feeding flaxseed to laying hens results in a six- to eight-fold increase in the omega-3 fatty acid content of eggs. Ayur eggs are given this mixture to make their eggs as healthy as themselves. We boast of Omega 3 rich & antibiotic free Ayur eggs, with the help of these.

Garlic – Garlic was used by the ancient Egyptians for medicinal purposes. The chicken keepers called it the elixir since it helped in treating infections and respiratory problems in chickens. Not only that, but also improves the chicken’s appetite, and the size & quality of the eggs too.

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At The Ayur Egg Farm the chickens are well fed with nutritious food. So, the eggs produced by these chickens are very healthy and rich in rare vitamins like B6, B12 and nutrients like zinc and copper.

What more do you want? All-natural – check, free-range – check, toxin-free – check.

The facts are all right here, now it’s your turn to choose.

Make the healthier choice today for a healthier tomorrow!

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