– Know The Classification Of Eggs

Know The Classification Of Eggs – We Are Not Exaggerating, Just (Eggs)Aggerating!

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Types Of Eggs

The fluff of a cake, the yum of a pasta, noodles or soup are all because of eggs. When we hear ‘eggs’, our imagination is just limited to hair care, food, bakery and confectionery. But, many of us do not know that there are different kinds of eggs which form a major part of our meal every day. Eggs have a unique set of classification described below.

We are here to take you through the real types of eggs based on the chicken breed, its feed and the slightest variation in the nutrition value. It is important to know these types of eggs before you eat them.

1. Omega 3 Eggs

Omega-3 is said to have several health benefits like promoting eye health, fighting depression and curing heart diseases. It’s richest sources are Atlantic Mackerel Fish and Salmon Fish, containing around 7g & 5g of Omega 3 respectively. Not all of us prefer consuming them.

But we have good news for the eggetarians, eggs also contain Omega 3.


The hens that lay omega 3 type of eggs are fed with Omega-3 fatty acid foods like flax seeds.

Nutrition Value

The Omega 3 eggs contain 5-12% more of Omega 3 Fatty acids than that of the normal eggs along with calcium, protein and other vitamins & minerals. The are different types of Omega 3s found in such eggs, however, the net amount of Omega 3 fatty acid found in each egg varies with the hen’s feed.

2.The Standard White & Brown Eggs

Organic White Eggs

The standard white and brown eggs are the only type of eggs we know so far.


Many of us think that the color of the shell determines the nutrition value. In short, are the brown ones are healthier than the white? Breaking the myth, the color of the shell has nothing to do with the nutrition value. The white eggs come from the white-feathered and white-ear lobed chickens. The brown eggs are being laid by the ones with red or brown earlobes. There are other breeds of chickens, laying blue-shelled eggs too, that doesn’t infer that the blue eggs are poisonous.

The white and brown eggs may also belong to the organic class of eggs. If you are going to pick the organic ones, we suggest you go with the brand name and not the color. The significance of organic eggs is also briefed in this article.

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Nutrition Value

Except for the predominant protein quotient, the standard eggs don’t differ from the other types of eggs with respect to the nutrition value.

3. Free-Range Eggs

As the name goes, Free-range eggs are from the hens that are allowed to roam in open barns. Apart from this major criteria, every country has its own free-range chicken breeding regulations and laws. Some countries allow the hens to get exposed to the outdoors throughout the day whilst a few have limited time period as well.


The hens laying these eggs consume fresh feed like corn and grains. They eat food that is naturally available to them in the open barns like insects, grubs and greens. They don’t gain more weight as they roam around to get their feed and are also exposed to natural light, weather and air.

Nutrition Value

  • Less fat & cholesterol
  • More Vitamin A and E
  • Some amount of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

4. Desi Eggs

Organic Brown Eggs

The Desi Eggs originate from the indigenous native breed of each country(natti breed). These breeds are exclusively reared for eggs and meat.


While chickens are subjected to live in a stress-free environment, the naati breed is given access to robust greeneries, foods rich in omega 3, algae and other nutritive food. They are also free from hormone injections, antibiotics and other medicines.

Nutrition Value

These eggs are said to have the highest quotient of protein than the normal eggs. While normal egg protein is estimated to be 6g, Desi Eggs yield close to 7g of protein along with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

These chickens lay the healthiest variety of eggs which is analogous to a pregnant woman delivering a healthy baby based on the diet she takes.

‘How Desi Eggs differ from Organic Eggs?’ is the next question that must have emerged from your visualization. It did not hit our brains all of a sudden. The advent of the word ‘Organic’ into our dictionaries have caused our sixth sense to this reasoning.

5. Organic Eggs

Organic Eggs Online

Organic Eggs are not just the eggs that carry the ‘organic’ label on their cartons. If you ask us if they are brown or white, they can be of either colors. Again, all white or brown eggs are not standard or organic eggs. The difference between them has clearly been described in the standard eggs section.


These organic eggs come from the hens that are raised on feed free from herbicides, pesticides and other fertilizers. They are also given outdoor access, fed on organically grown plants, given fresh and clean water.

Nutrition Value

  • Protein, 13 essential vitamins & minerals and healthy fats
  • More than 100 gms of Choline – good for pregnant women for baby’s brain development
  • Low calories

Apart from the above mentioned 5 types, there are other types of eggs. They are chemically processed & bacteria free pasteurized eggs and chickens feeding on plants that are said to produce vegetarian eggs too.
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