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Side Effects Of Eating Broiler Chicken

Broiler chicken are always a sensitive subject. Like eternally. But that isn’t because they are broiler per say. It’s because how their species evolved and turned into something through gene modifications that they are not even considered broilers anymore. The history of chicken farming goes way back to the 1900s.

So what changed? Many things, in fact. Right from its growth to its size.

What happens when you eat that kind of adulterated chicken meat?

That brings us to the side effects of eating broiler chicken. Some of the glaringly obvious effects are:

  • Food poisoning
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Growth hormones

Before diving straight into the side effects and risks, you may first want to establish whether or not the chicken you buy is in fact broiler chicken at all.

Broiler chickens in general, refer to chicken specifically reared to be consumed as meat. The breeding methods that help the birds grow in size faster, has resulted in some less than ideal outcomes. Which leads to why you need to be careful of what you consume.

“If your chicken isn’t labeled “free-range” or something that refers to different rearing methods, it is probably a broiler.”

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1. Food Poisoning

After careful testing of chickens from different brands, researchers found potentially harmful bacteria in 97% of the tested chicken samples – Which is borderline worrying that it gives way to news about contamination on the broiler, thanks to the headlines about food poisoning that has become worryingly common.

A similar study in England revealed that 83 percent of the chickens sampled had Campylobacter spp (the leading cause of bacterial foodborne diarrheal disease). And 25 percent had Salmonella (infection with salmonella bacteria caused by contaminated food or water.)

2. Antibiotic Resistance

Broilers are bred in such intensive conditions and are often low on immunity. So they are filled with antibiotics to keep up their health. This has spawned the increase of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that include things like Salmonella.

If you were to be infected with Salmonella Heidelberg, a non-typhoidal Salmonella, a doctor would administer the typically used medicines. Unfortunately, strains of salmonella are now showing resistance to these medicines due to the high levels of antibiotics fed to the chickens. And since it doesn’t respond to medicines that are normally used to treat it, you end up having a really bad bout of food poisoning and one that’s even more riskier.

3. Growth Hormones

When you eat these broiler chickens, the antibiotics and other things injected into the birds could possibly enter your bodies too. The European Union banned the use of synthetic hormones in animals bred for meat way back in 1981. But it’s hard to find chickens without growth hormones injected into them, since they need to hit the market within the allotted time for the owners to see profit.

Another food administration states that the natural occurring, as well as synthetic hormones of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone given to animals like cows & sheep, should be safe for human consumption, any time after the animal is treated with the hormone. But only after checking the level of hormones used in it!

If you’re still unsure or skeptical, there are some alternatives you could consider.

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Free-range chicken is usually suggested as the best alternative to broiler chicken. Done right, it should mean the chicken is older at the slaughter age. So unlike broilers, it is also given access to fresh air, making it healthier and is less likely to contract infections due to better spaced out living quarters. Which in turn means it doesn’t have to be as pumped up with antibiotics as the average broiler.

This takes more time and effort and the cost for rearing each bird is higher due to both the facilities as well as the greater age at slaughter. Hence the difference between the costs of organic food vs conventional ones. But with your health on the line, it may be a price that is well justified.

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