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Organic Chicken Farming

Organic chicken farming in India is not an easy job that anybody could just take up. It is sort of like raising a child, except that there is a farm full of them. It’s even harder if it’s organic poultry farming
Since we know the actual struggle to open and maintain a farm as we have one ourselves on the river Delta of Godavari, we are glad to be of help.

The Golden G’s of maintaining a commercial organic chicken farm is in fact very simple.

  1. Good Air
  2. Good Water
  3. Good Food

They may not seem like a big deal because they are the most generic things. But therein lies your mistake.

Organic poultry farms all around India claim that they have it all under control. But a farm without the above-specified conditions will not survive long nor give healthy yield.

But what do we really mean by it?

1. Good Air

The location of the chicken farm matters the most. The land should be wide and cleaned on a certain scheduled basis. The land must be free for the chickens to roam around freely.

The main reason for this is that organic chickens are always free-range, meaning they must not be caged. This helps the chicken to lay eggs that are healthy since they are sensitive creatures and cannot function well under pressurized conditions.

2. Good Water

If you take Ayur Eggs, we use ozone purification on our water. Ozone water purification is the most effective FDA approved water purification method for eradicating toxins that are found in water.

Ozone, is a highly powerful oxidant that inactivates pesticides, fungus, organic materials and contaminates much more potently than chlorine.

This thorough purification of the water protects the chickens from many common diseases.

3. Good Food

Food plays a vital role in organic chicken farming. The feed given to the chickens must be filled with necessary vitamins and minerals but the only difference in the organic is that everything is natural.

In Ayur Eggs case, we use enhanced marine algae and a healthy ayurvedic feed that helps us to protect our chicken’s body and the eggs from health complications.


Organic chicken farming, like we said is not an easy job. It’s simply not for the weak heart. But this blog is not about that, it’s about being transparent with the consumers who sustain us. If the organic farm that you buy your chicken and eggs from lack these three things, then it’s time for you to drop them.

Ayur Eggs is known for Its credibility and for always delivering. With our customers’ health as our first priority, we take care of our farm and our chickens following the 3 golden rules.

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