– Ayur Eggs On Every Indian Mother’s Grocery Checklist

Ayur Eggs On Every Indian Mother’s Grocery Checklist

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Best Egg Brands In India

Adulteration has been ruling the world for several years. When you read this, you might take a deep breath and sip some water. Even the water you consumed is not pure. Science introduced reverse osmosis to address this problem. With water, the issue is resolved. What comes next? ‘Food’. Food technologists and agriculturists have been squeezing their brains for a very long time to find a solution for this. It is evolving as organic cultivation in the recent years. It began with organic manure initially. Later, agriculturists thought, “When the plants feed on organic manure, why can’t humans?”. They began to create another green revolution through organic food. This revolution has led to the explosion of organic food stores in every Indian street today.

The Egg Debate

While talking about food, something strikes our mind, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian cuisines with eggs between the two. Certainly, the argument that is still prolonging if the egg is a vegetarian. Many vegetarians started to accept the egg. In fact, the consumption of egg has drastically increased in recent years. The poultry sector has also extended its contribution, to gradually wipe out adulteration from the food industry.

The Organic Version of Eggs – Ayur Eggs

It’s every mother’s duty, to feed her child among the best brands of eggs in India. We, Sowbhaagya Group, hailing from Hyderabad have pitched Natural Ayur eggs in the organic food market. We have stepped forward to provide organic feed to hens and get organic eggs out of them. As a result of the organic feed, hens have better immunity and lay nutritious eggs.

Protein Rich Herbal eggs

The Nutrient Base

These days, from kids to elders, everybody consumes eggs to have a good health. The egg is rich in proteins and amino acids. It is also a reservoir of several minerals and vitamins. Eggs we get these days don’t seem to satisfy the nutrition quotient. Sowbhaagya Group boasts of Ayur eggs with all these health benefits. It is bred in an organic manner and of a kind in the market.

Nutrition in Egg White

Where Are Ayur Eggs in the Market Today?

E-commerce groceries and food supply organizations like BigBasket and consumer goods market giants like More, Star Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Spar and Reliance Fresh have started to sell Ayur eggs. A few elite hotels in the country are also serving delicious and nutritious omelettes and lasagne out of Ayur Eggs. Several customers have gained trust, satisfaction and healthy body with these organic eggs. Ayur Eggs are like the ones hand-picked by mothers with uncompromised quality. So know where Ayur Eggs stand in the consumer’s marketplace today.

Buy Fresh Eggs in Hyderabad

Foodie Fans of Ayur eggs

The culinary expert aunty living next-door credits her delicious omelette to the goodness of Ayur eggs.

“The tastiest sandwich shop in our locality uses Ayur Eggs” shrieks the college girls residing in Gachibowli. “My gym-mate is a foodie, was able to gain extra pounds but not weight through Ayur Eggs”, says Mrs. Akhila Reddy Chinnam, Banjara Hills.

Sowbhaagya Group takes pride of this massive fan base that spans all ages and social strata through Ayur Eggs.

Two Perpendiculars – Quality & Trust

Organic food is something that is free from chemicals and adulterants. Not everything we eat is pure and unadulterated these days. Quality food will gain people’s trust quickly. There are a number of national brands trusted by millions of mothers across our country. We could see this height of trust when they make a list of groceries for the month. They refer to any grocery with the brand on this list. Many of them would have checked Ayur Eggs from their list. What are you waiting for? Be a Roman when in Rome but try to be Indian and Buy Indian.

Organic Ayur Eggs

Switch To Nutrition Rich – Ayur Egg

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