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Why These Misconceptions About Organic Food?

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Myths About Organic Food

The food industry has stepped onto the zenith of craziness that restaurants have stopped accepting orders through telephones and collect orders through mobile apps. Have we even heard this before a decade? ‘Ordering Food Through Apps!’ No!! This is due to the synergy of the industry with technology. It indicates the growth of both the industries in parallel. But beyond a level, the word ‘innovation’ has started to bother the experts in the food industry so much that it led to the explosion of organic foods. Let’s see what impact the term ‘Organic Food‘ has caused among the people and what are the myths about organic food.

What Do People Think About Organic Food?

Mary and Laura were neighbours. They are often spotted by people in their residential area mostly in markets. One day Mary wanted to visit an organic store nearby and she called Laura. Both had similar opinions about organic food. Not only Mary and Laura but also other people across the country have these myths about organic food. Don’t believe us? Take a look below, you shouldn’t be surprised!
· OMG! Organic foods are pricey!!!
· Can organic farming feed everyone in the world?
· Do they match the taste of regular foodstuffs?
· ‘Organic’ is a label for marketing the food product?
· We are also looking for animal products like organic eggs!

Do We Have Reasons For All The Above Queries And Statements?

Organic Food Products

Yes. Well, considering the first myth about organic food that people have in their minds is how expensiveness the food is. To answer this, a few questions can be shot at the readers. What brand of television do most buyers prefer these days? Something with better resolution, one of the readers would say ‘Sony’. Some go for Samsung, few choose LG and Panasonic respectively. The next question is, How many hours a day do we watch television? Half-an-hour? Hardly 2 hours? Remember friends! We eat 3-4 times a day. When we invest 50,000 rupees and more on entertainment, we must also think about spending a little to eat healthily.

Considering another example, to dissolve the next assumption by people on organic food. People who do organic farming are mostly not professional farmers. A few of you who were interested in giving something good to the world out from nature without harming it started this. Did you know that Sikkim, in India is the first organic state in the country? If one state can do it, why can’t the rest try? If several states across the world follow this, the world can definitely feed people with organic food. It cannot just happen in a day! Think about it!

Further, talking about tastier food, our forefathers ate what we hate to eat today. We also believe that they stayed healthier than us. They did not use pesticides and insecticides for cultivation. They preferred natural manure. Certainly, they ate organic food. Explore a few ways to stay healthier than our forefathers. Anything healthy will not please our taste buds. Once we start to eat, we tend to get used to it, as they are quoted, ‘healthy’.

You are responsible for what you do. It is your duty to research on the organic food brands you choose to buy. We have internet and people to ask about. Customer’s feedback is the best reward to a good product. Several customers across the country are having a good opinion about this brand selling organic eggs, Ayur Eggs. You can check out the reputation and goodness of Ayur Eggs here!

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There are several blogs across the internet that speak on the myths about organic food. If we choose to eat organic, it is our prime duty to do a thorough research on it. Everything starts and ends with you because it is your life! When one takes a deep dive into research about organic food products, the other follows the chain. Misconceptions would be nullified in the end.

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