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Millets That Marked The Organic Living Of Our Lineage

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Organic millets


Man lost to technology when he started to buy ready-to-eat chapattis and instant idly-dosa batter. This can be called as a victory for the food technology. There are also other domains of technology that have been experiencing drastic innovations every day, every second, Let us take a look at what our ancestors did with this?

They had mortar grinders and grindstones out of which, after several hours of grinding they prepared and ate delicious idli and chutney. Making chapatti batter gave exercise to their hands. They ploughed their own field; ate the rice, wheat and other grains they reaped organically; milked their own cows; ate eggs and chicken out of the poultry they bred. The term Ready-To-Eat entered the dictionaries only in our era!

There are also other foods that built the healthy body of our grandparents. Now let’s peep into their barn to see what is in store.

From Our Ancestor’s Grain Barn

When we looked into the repository of our ancestors, we came to know that they had been consuming these organic millets apart from rice and wheat to keep their body and immune system healthy. To your surprise, all these formed the varieties of organic millets food.

  1. Proso Millet
  2. Pearl Millet
  3. Finger Millet
  4. Sorghum
  5. Foxtail Millet

Proso Millet & It’s Significances:

Proso Millets Benefits

While our generation has been facing several nervous disorders, our patriarchs ate Proso Millet to strengthen their nervous systems as it contains a compound called lecithin.

A common health issue that is being faced by our generation is weight management, especially weight loss. Almost 60% of us, jog and gym every day to shed those extra pounds. This variety of organic millets helped our forefathers to fight the bad cholesterol. It is rich in High-Density Lipoproteins and Phytic Acid that helps in

This organic food also contains antioxidants that help in anti-ageing & help prevent several skin diseases. Say bye-bye to your anti-ageing creams with Proso Millet.

Why Pearl Millet To Our Diet?

Pearl Millet Benefits

Let us not shock you with the fact that India is the largest producer of Pearl Millet(mainly grown in Rajasthan). People call it Bajra. See, we ourselves are the producers of certain organic and healthy food.

Getting deep into the benefits of Pearl Millet, we come across several people facing constipation and digestive disorders. 100 grams of Pearl Millet contains more than 10 grams of proteins and 1 gram of fibre.

These nutrients are essential for assimilation and reducing constipation. When nature gives us natural and healthy food by itself, why go for synthetic protein and fibre-rich foods?

The high-fibre quotient of this variety of organic millets can also lower cholesterol levels, fight against heart diseases, prevent gal and kidney stones. Our doctor’s prescriptions mostly suggest fibre-rich foods, to stay away from such diseases.

Don’t Be Astonished!

YES, Pearl Millet balances the sugar level in diabetics. This is due to the presence of high-fibre content in the millet that helps to slow digestion, releasing the glucose slowly into the bloodstream. So let’s not just think about going organic, let’s add a pack of Pearl Millets to our kitchen repository.

Finger Millet, An Organic Food That Fascinates You!

Finger Millet

Finger Millet, commonly known as Ragi, is a predominant source of Proteins, Minerals, Iron and Antioxidants. Therefore, our grandparents had been consuming this variety of healthy food to cast away diabetes, cholesterol and anaemia primarily

Other benefits of Finger Millet includes:

  • It fights against anxiety, depression, insomnia and migraine.
  • The presence of tryptophan(an amino acid) lowers the appetite and helps in weight loss.
  • Green Ragi is recommended for lactating mothers who lack milk production.

Sorghum, World’s Fifth Important Cereal!

Sorghum Millet

People in the past consumed this variety of healthy food chiefly for it’s digestive properties.

The bran of Sorghum is said to have antioxidants that prevent the mutation of healthy cells to cancerous cells.

With a high level of Magnesium, the absorption of Calcium in the body is monitored. The presence of these minerals in Sorghum prevents Osteoporosis and Arthritis.

These two properties must have definitely brought the cereal to a serious level of importance in the world.

Foxtail Millet, From China.

Foxtail Millet

The Foxtail Millets takes its origin from China’s highly-rich moisture content, where 100 grams of the millet contains 12 grams of moisture.

The presence of Iron in the millet promotes good brain health as Iron supplies Oxygen to the brain. This can also prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

The Protein present in Foxtail Millet rejuvenates hair and skin, strengthening the tissues. This organic food is also being used globally to cure several diseases:

  • In China for Diarrhea
  • In Pakistan for Impotency
  • In India for Rheumatism

How Do We Get There?

Millets Health Benefits

A good beginning is marked by beginning anything right away! We can restart our living by consuming these organic foods.

A healthy life will approach us beyond questions.

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