– Let Your Children Have A Healthy Bite Of The ‘A’ For Apple

Let Your Children Have A Healthy Bite Of The ‘A’ For Apple

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Healthy Food For Kids

Food, The Fundamental

The basis of a hale and healthy adulthood is to eat good nutritious food in our childhood. It becomes an absolute necessity to give healthy food for kids. This article will touch upon, how to give kids good nourishment through a healthy diet.

Children are fussy eaters and they are more likely to eat junk food than fresh food if not properly watched over. It is important that children stay away from eating unhealthy and be encouraged to eat healthily. So start providing healthy food to kids.

Kids And Food

Healthy Kids Food

A lot of food these days is terrible for kids. Children have delicate immune systems and digestive systems. So giving kids healthy food is important. A lot of food these days is highly processed, loaded with artificial flavourings, colouring and additives. It is difficult to find healthy, organic food these days but never has there been a greater need to eat organic food than now.

Organic Food – Pricey But Worthy

There are many organic stores selling all kinds of healthy food for kids. They may be slightly more expensive than ordinary stores but it is worth it in the long run. Organic food has been shown to reduce illnesses, provide more nutrients, and has no harmful chemicals for the body.

Most food these days is loaded with fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Do you really want to put those into your child? Any parent would balk at this, but that’s precisely what most parents unknowingly are doing. From grains to fruits, to eggs and milk, everything is contaminated with chemicals. These are shown to cause many diseases and disorders. The only option is to buy organic kids healthy food. Organic stores sell products free from any chemicals. Here are 6 ways to stay healthier than your forefather.

Ayur Organic Egg Nutrition

For example, we all know eggs and milk is very important for children. But what if these are contaminated with growth hormones and antibiotics? What if these products come from animals kept in tiny enclosures with barely any space to even breathe? These conditions create a terrible condition for the animals and thus even the quality of the products they produce will be poor. Therefore it is important to buy free-range, organic eggs and milk.Know more about Ayur Eggs here.

With vegetables and fruits as well, buying organic reduces the number of fertilizers, pesticides, and growth enhancers children are exposed to. These substances are harmful to the body in the long run and are actual poisons. Nobody in their right mind would directly drink fertilizers or pesticides, then why would you consume them through your food? Doesn’t make sense.

Benefits of Organic Food

Organic food is grown without the use of any chemicals and additives. This means you are unintentionally poisoning yourself and your children.

Last but not the least, Baby food is also available organic. It has been proven scientifically that children who consume organic food tend to be healthier, more active, intelligent, and tend not to develop chronic conditions later in the lives. So ultimately the choice is yours.

From the morning cup of coffee until the last drop of milk we consume in the night, we have been consuming the adulterated today.


“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate”


Our kids do what we do. We cannot stop our kids from getting exposed to negativity. We can just see that it doesn’t come through us. So let’s practice buying and eating organic that encourages them to follow us.

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