– Mumbai Is One Of The Most Health-Conscious Cities In India

Mumbai Is One Of The Most Health-Conscious Cities In India

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Healthiest City In India

Mumbai definitely is one of the most health-conscious cities in India, beating some of the top contenders like Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. The recent wave of healthy eating to stay fit has been rooted deep into the mindset of people making it the healthiest city in India.

Food Habits Of Mumbaikars:

Good food habits are key to living a happy and fit lifestyle. Individuals are paying more attention to nutrition needs and are turning to organic and fat-free foods. A recent survey shows that most city dwellers prefer salads and healthy food over others and drink maximum water.

With more brands coming up in the health sector, more people are opting for more informed dietary choices, therefore making it the healthiest city in India.

Exercise And Workout:

Physical activity from the young to old has drastically increased in the city. People refer anything from lifting weights to yoga to dancing to keep themselves active. A growing enthusiasm in the health and fitness lifestyle is also adding fuel to the fire here.

A study amongst office goers says the their goals for the new year was to get fit and improve their quality of living by opting to eat healthy.

How Is Good Food Becoming A Choice Of This Healthy City?

This change has definitely not happened overnight. The increased awareness overall has a huge hand in this. It is true when they say that you are what you eat. And the amplified impact that food has on our lives is being realized.


New markets such as Foodhall, opening a plethora of carefully hand-picked, healthy options, that caters to all dieting needs. Right from organic avocados, keto-friendly ingredients to Ayur free-range natural, organic eggs, one can find everything under one roof here!

There are also some great breakfast options available here. If you’re turning to healthy breakfasts in Mumbai and are a eggiterian, you’d want to know your eggs before purchase. We have done the research for you here: https://ayuregg.com/ayureggblog/types-of-chicken-eggs

We are happy to tell you a bit about why choosing Ayur eggs would be good for you and your family. Ayur eggs are simply the best because they’re natural, odourless, free-range and antibiotics free! We practice sustainable farming and believe that free-range chicken produces the best quality meat, therefore being free of antibiotics, toxins and hormones. All our products are known to contain good levels of Omega 3 fatty acids which are known to have health benefits.

If you’re planning to get on board the clean and healthy-eating train, we suggest you start today! It starts with one person choosing to eat healthily and let’s together live up to Mumbai being the healthiest city in India!

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