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Healthy Foods

Healthy doesn’t always mean “Healthy”. Because we live in an age, when everything should be put through tests to be believable. Certified that, certified this and all that to get that one spoon of food into your mouth without having thousand and one doubts on its authenticity. But what if even with all the word of mouth about a food’s healthiness, you find out that it was not what it was talked about. Caught in a game of Chinese Whisper, don’t lose your health to what people “said” was healthy foods. Here’s a blog that clears away your dark cloud of doubt.

1. “Fruit” Juices

We have a perfectly good reason to accuse your favourite “Quick breakfast”. Fruits, in their raw and solid form are indeed good (all-natural, non-toxic, farm-grown ones). But when you remove all the good stuff like the fibre, the only thing left is loads and loads of sugar with not even the chewing resistance to stop you from having it in one go. Orange juices have the exact amount of sugar as Coca-Cola. That’s gotta say something!

And there’s nothing to be said about artificial fruit drinks. They are named artificial for a reason, just remember that.

2. Wheat Is Not All What You Think

The tricky thing about wheat is that whole wheat is better than refined wheat. But then you don’t compare cigarettes and say this one is better than this. They are all going to kill you. No point in arguing which one will kill you better.
Wheat has gluten. And the immune system of some people can attack the gluten proteins in digestive tracts causing pain, bloating, tiredness and many other inconveniences. A study also suggest that whole wheat raises LDL, the “bad” cholesterol rate by 60%. Avoid wheat as much as you can since its not of much use to your body.

3. Sports Drinks Are Not For Us Common Folks

The sports drinks that everyone seems to swoon over will in fact only increase unnecessary fat in the body. Because it contains three things : Water, Electrolytes & SUGAR.
Everyone’s already consuming tons of sugar on a daily basis. So unless you’ve been sweating like the earth had run out of water and you’re the only hope left, don’t opt for sports drinks. Plain water is good. Plain water is awesome.

4. Oils For Heart Failure

The need to survive had pushed humans to choose the healthier way of living. But wrong information will lead them right to the pit of their extinction. To save yourself, listen well, people. Industrial seed and vegetable oils like soybean, corn and cottonseed oil will bring you doom.
Kidding, the real reason is that these oils go through a harsh breakup from their owners. There is a lot of bleaching, high heating and usage of toxic solvent Hexane involved. That’s a lot of processing for natural oils but that’s the reality of it.
The only exception is Olive Oil which is actually really good for you. #GoOliveOilYouRock

5. Fat Removed Food

When the meteor about saturated fat being harmful hit the Earth, people scrambled and found their salvation in food manufacturers who produced “healthy foods”. They removed fat from their products and believe us when we say that fat removed food is not food.
To make them taste good, they are stuffed with chemicals, artificial sweeteners and guess what, yes SUGAR. Wanna hear the worst news? That’s how they ruined Yogurt for us.

6. Gluten-Free “Health” Foods

By now I’m sure over-usage of Healthy Foods in quotes and SUGAR is starting to annoy you a bit. But that’s the thing people. SUGAR = “Health”. There’s no personal vendetta against sugar but taken more than the right amount, it could lead to a future of people looking like Jabba the hutt dying of heart attacks. Do you want that? Of course not. That is why you must avoid anything that says “Gluten-free” in its description. Just switch planets when you see it. Because instead of the gluten that they free of, they add Starch which is just as unhealthy as wheat is. These starches are a one-way ticket to high blood pressure and are void of nutrients too. Basically useless. Of course, this does not apply to healthy foods that are naturally gluten-free like meat and vegetables.

7. Fake Butter Love

Margarine or Butter? But first, What’s Margarine? An imitation butter spread, they say. And just like all the imitations out there, it’s all a lie. When margarine was first introduced in the market, it was loaded with trans-fat but now it is filled with vegetable oil. And so everybody went crazy over it, while Butter, poor thing, was left all alone.
Like Ayur’s free range eggs, grass-fed Butter (aka butter from the cow that was grass-fed) are incredibly healthy, being an excellent source of fatty acid butyrate and Vitamin K2.

8. Energy Bars For Us?

Harmful to health is one way of putting it. Just like sports drinks, energy bars are for professional athletes who workout on a daily basis. Though its healthier than chocolate bars, this contains highly processed products that are harmful to health. Some of those unhealthy ingredients include sugar, white flour and artificial flavors.

9. Low-Carb Junk

Like many other processed foods that were mentioned before in this blog, low-carb foods has the potential to come first under your “Daily dose of unhealthy food facts”. The ones that come out on market with “Low-Carb” sign on it are highly processed and are not healthy foods.

10. Breakfast Cereals

“Healthy” breakfast cereals are nothing but sugar and refined carbohydrates. The ingredients to disaster and of course harmful to your health. One glance at the ingredients list will make you reel back because of the amount of sugar the product has.


“Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for an organism.” By this definition, the food that we eat must be rich in proteins, natural, non-toxic which is none other than Ayur Eggs. But many of the other foods always don’t sell what they say they do. Ayur Eggs in all their 100% natural goodness had come above all these harmful foods and proved time and time again. The healthier way is the Ayur way.

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