– Facts About Chickens: 5 Factors That Impact Chicken Life Expectancy

Facts About Chickens: 5 Factors That Impact Chicken Life Expectancy

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Facts About Chickens

All the facts about chickens point out that they were not always domesticized for meat or eggs. Infact, the history of chicken farming goes way back, even before 1920s when a woman named Mrs. Wilmer Steele of Delaware, for the first time, raised 500 chicks solely for their meat (Broilers). This was the start of a now widely capitalized industry in India.

The chickens and its industry have been corrupted by the rising demand and the need for profit. The broilers of this age are filled with so much of chemicals that they have ceased to be edible at all. The side effects of eating broiler chickens is a testimonial to that.

Besides the fact that broilers don’t get to live as long as the naturally bred chickens, due to obvious reasons – like the fact that they are bred as hybrids and in cages which in itself can hinder with the growth, health and the lifespan of a chicken.

But there are other facts about chickens that can possibly reduce the lifespan of even country chickens which are bred naturally and left to roam freely.

Factors Affecting The Life Cycle & Life Span Of Chickens

1. Prevention Is Better Than Cure – Diseases

Parasites such as mites, lice and worms can all affect the health of chickens. Mites will suck blood causing discomfort and anemia, lice can cause skin irritation and feather damage and worms, in rare circumstances, can even kill a hen.

Many of the extreme diseases are now better understood due to the technological and scientific developments. Most of those studies list out some unknown facts about chicken and how long chickens usually live. And it was found that the diseases that the chickens were more prone to, can only be cured through preventive measures.

Most of them include dusting and deworming regularly to prevent infestations. Since Ayur follows the organic chicken farming method for Ayur Chickens, they are closely inspected 24/7 through CCTV surveillance. This makes it easier to find out problems faster and solve them efficiently.

There are still, of course, diseases which are hard to prevent, such as Marek’s or lymphoid leukosis. But with careful management like that of Ayur’s, such viral diseases can be prevented from spreading.

2. Where & How They Live Does Matter – Housing

Chicken housing has come a long way from sharing barns with the larger livestock to have a whole farm dedicated to them. The problem with the barns was that the chickens could freeze to death, be trampled by bigger animals and led a riskier life with survival as their sole purpose. Nowadays, they have purpose built coops that are designed to keep them cool in summer and warm in the winter.

There is no doubt that having safe, secure and protective housing has expanded the lifespan of a chicken. Commercial hens that are kept in ‘warehouse’ type conditions are more prone to respiratory diseases because of the little space that they get.

3. You Become What You Eat – Diet & Nutrition

TGoing from being malnourished to being overfed, today’s chickens, in the hands of a caretaker lives a life of luxury.

Giving them the appropriate nutritional diet is as important as providing them with good space to live and roam. And besides, overweight hens are prone to health issues such as leg and back problems, heart problems and respiratory issues. Even too much protein in the diet can cause kidney problems.

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4. Like Father Like Son – Genetics

It is widely known but rarely acknowledged that the commercial food industry manipulates breeds in order to maximize egg output. This not only harms the long-term survival of the species but also meets the demand hence the reason why it’s done so frequently.

Bird breeding in itself is trickier when it comes to birds with small genetic pools. And most of the times they are interbred excessively to the point that it impacts on the lifespan of the chickens. Many attempts at increasing the gene pool and bringing diversity have been made but they were met with failures and unnatural, unhealthy chickens

5. There Are Doctors For Chickens Too – Veterinary Care

Chickens were the lowest of the lower in the barnyards. So, very little attention was paid to their welfare and health issues. Thankfully much progress has been made with regard to the study of the lifespan of chickens and other aspects of their life cycle.

Veterinarians who specialize in poultry are becoming easier to find. Caretakers can perform first aids with experience and more practice. Minor things can usually be taken care of at home before they become larger problems that may require more extensive care from a veterinarian who should be approached in times of adversity.

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