– How Did Jim Get Healthy-Weight?

How Did Jim Get Healthy-Weight?

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Organic Egg Protein

Jim And Gym!

Let’s hear the story of Jim from his shoes!
I am Jim, 24. Like every guy in his twenties, I also got crazy about gymming. I added the flavour of the gym to my daily diet. I had been doing this for the past year since I turned 23. I am someone who says no to supplements. I rather believe in building my physique with the food I eat every day. No! I ain’t-a vegan. I eat healthy food. I couldn’t gain more pounds. Then I decided to add organic egg protein to my everyday diet. Like other gym freaks do, I Googled, ‘healthy food to gain good weight’. I believed in ‘Health Requires Healthy Food’ as said by Roger Williams. I gained nearly 12 kgs in 6 months.

What Happened In Between?

There are two kinds of people with this situation – The curious to know, “Where did Google take him?” and the inquisitive to know, “How did he gain weight?”

What happened in between?

To The Curious

When we search for healthy food on Google, beyond shadows of doubt, every link has this word called ‘organic egg protein’. But is it true? Does organic egg protein really help in bodybuilding and weight gain

Some Insights About The Egg White Protein

Protein in Egg White
We still remember our 6th-grade science syllabus which taught us, ‘Proteins Are Bodybuilding Foods’. So the question with protein is well-answered. Facts say egg white contains 4 grams of protein and no cholesterol. When proteins from the healthy quotient of increasing body weight, cholesterol does the unhealthy part. Of course, like a two-sided coin, foods also have some unhealthy properties.
Another interesting fact to know is, almost 65-68% of the protein composition of eggs comes from the egg white. There are also other benefits of eggs we must know. Now the curious should be clear about the information from Google that helped Jim.

To The Inquisitive

Benefits of Eating Eggs
With the question answered to the curious, the inquisitive will still be skeptical if 4 grams of protein every day accounts for the pounds? All the eggs we get are nutritious enough? To wipe out your suspicion, All eggs are not healthy and all healthy eggs are not packed with proteins. The inquisitive will still have a question, Is there any way to get healthy eggs from the healthy foods palette? Yes, we do!
Here, they should mark this link displayed by Google about organic egg protein. Sounds crazy right? But yes. Sowbhaagya Group in Hyderabad has ventured to sell organic eggs, Ayur Eggs. The organization has a prestigious clientele which includes, Reliance Fresh, More and some elite hotels in Hyderabad. So people from the land of spicy food, make a note of this.

Some Insights About Organic Eggs

Organic Natural Ayur Eggs
Organic foods are pricey but worth your penny. Especially when it is organic eggs, it gives us a seal of trust with no questions about the presence of nutrients. They also fall under this healthy food umbrella which Jim has been looking for. Ayur Eggs come with incredible health benefits.
Hoping that there is better clarification with the two.
Thus, Jim started to buy Ayur Eggs, the Organic Eggs. He experienced a drastic difference in his body and health. Some of his friends began to follow him. They also discovered that eggs will help them gain healthy weight. Healthy pounds naturally sums up to fitness. It will help us look fit like Jim. In fact, he is an example of the saying “Life Goes Faster On Protein” by Martin H Fischer.
With all these facts on nutrition and healthy foods, eggs have become synonyms for fitness and protein. Why shouldn’t your everyday market-basket contain organic eggs?
Several people across the country from kids to teens, young adults to adults and old people are consuming these organic eggs for a healthy life.

Here Are 6 Ways To Stay Healthier Than Your Forefathers
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