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Egg Home Remedies

Perhaps one of the most versatile, nutritious and healthy items for daily consumption, eggs hold an abundance of benefits for the human body that cannot be measured through a single advantage. With more than a hundred egg home remedies to learn about, one can practically incorporate the use of eggs in their regular routine to collect its innumerable profits.

The Idea Behind Egg Home Remedies

An egg can be used for a number of purposes, especially because it consists of different components, all of which can be brought into use for one or the other egg treatment. While you may go wrong with eating eggs the right way, there is hardly one chance why eggs won’t help you out another way! Here are some amazing yet useful benefits of eggs that double up as home remedies using egg yolk and shell.

  1. Did you know that your skin can be conditioned in deep nourishment with an egg white? All you have to do is to blend together an egg white, some honey and olive oil and apply on your face for few minutes. Such egg home remedies will give you a blemish free skin and tighten sagging skin.
  2. Want to know a quick eggs hair treatment recipe? Mix an egg yolk, almond oil, honey and curd to make a hair conditioner that adds life to your tresses and provides deep conditioning.
  3. One of the egg home remedies can also help you clean items made of leather. All you have to do is to take some mixed egg white and apply it on the surface of the leather item. After a few minutes, remove the white using a scrubbing motion. With a capability to cling on to dirt and residue, your leather will be shinier and glossier after this remedy.
  4. You can also use eggs for hair loss by preparing a mask out of glycerine, egg whites and castor oil. Simply massage this hair mask on your scalp and wash off your hair after an hour or so. Your hair will instantly become smoother and softer.
  5. Another popular eggs home remedies for the face includes making a face pack out of eggs, milk and pumpkins. This will help you with a brighter glow and soothed face texture.
  6. You can also use egg home remedies for boils by applying egg whites on the affected portion. The major benefit of this remedy is that it does not leave behind any scars while healing.
  7. One of the common home remedies of eggs includes removal of coffee stains. Simply rub a beaten egg yolk on the affected area and leave it for about 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water to reveal a new like cloth.
  8. Improve the growth of your hair by rubbing some egg yolk on your scalp and eyebrows with the help of a cotton. Leave it for about 20 minutes before washing off with cold water. You will be able to notice a considerable difference in the growth of hair gradually.
  9. Are you disturbed by your facial pores? Shrink them easily with a simple remedy. Puree one egg white with lemon juice, oatmeal and tomato and apply on the affected area to notice the difference.
  10. Improve the texture and appearance of your nail cuticles by dipping them in egg yolk. The naturally occurring biotin in eggs will surely benefit your nails and their texture.


With a heavy and generous quantity of goodness enclosed in a tiny edible product such as an egg, it is a wonder that people still think twice before consuming the goodness in eggs, such as biotin, proteins and omega 3. Time to get ready for some amazing egg dishes and home remedies!

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