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Healthy Chicken Online

Buying chicken online is no laughing matter. That’s why we are here. To help you out in this tedious process of choosing a healthy chicken online.

If you take Ayur Chicken for example, it’s naturally bred. All of the chicken are free-range. And are fed with Ayurvedic feed and enhanced marine algae. This is a bonus since you don’t have to worry about the fresh part.

Know Your Chicken

Before buying, you must know the kind of chicken that tickles your taste buds. But the more important thing is it’s colour and label.

Bart Pickens, executive chef at Party Fowl, says “The skin should be a yellow tint, and the meat should be pinkish and natural-looking in cut or shape,” Additional to that there shouldn’t be any odor from the chicken because fresh chicken don’t smell. But if they do, you can very well call them out on their “Fresh” label.

Is Your Chicken Halal-ed?

For the organic or all-natural part of it, we shall now address the Halal Stamp part of the chicken. Halal chickens are chickens that are reared as humanely and responsible as possible. And even if it’s not for religious purposes, it’s advisable to choose Halal Chickens which is now available on Ayur. Because,

  1. They are good for your conscience
  2. They are grass-fed and best “brand” of chicken to buy

Take The “Fresh” Label Seriously

I’m saying it again, listen well. “Fresh” label matters. Make it a trending hashtag, worship it even, because it really does matters. This would come up when you search “What to look for when buying chicken meat”.

It’s become a mandatory since there are so much of preservatives that are added to meat these days to keep them fresh.

Want to know more about those bad guys (*cough* Preservatives *cough*)?

Don’t Forget “All-Natural” or “Organic”

These tags are important as much as the fresh ones. It’s important to note that your chicken is all-natural, meaning that the chicken are grass-fed and naturally bred.

The word Organic is often misinterpreted and taken as many things other than what it really is but organic is the future. It’s kind of sad that it’s the future rather than the present. Though many sell organic products, it’s not much compared to the packed and processed food sellers.

Why choose organic over other?

But Ayur revolutionizes food delivery industry by providing fresh near-organic products that are all-natural too.

Though there are many points you have to think before buying healthy chicken online, it’s worth the search. Your health and wellbeing are worth it.

So choose Ayur Chicken to start your journey towards the betterment of your future and health!

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