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Eating Eggs Health Benefits

If you had read about the benefits of chicken then you must be wondering about the benefits of its shelled offspring. Eggs in general, are a health boost containing iron and other essential vitamins and minerals. This blog debunks several of the myths and brings you egg-citing news on the benefits of eating Eggs.

Myths Are Just Myths:

One of the most popular australian online casino real money is misconceptions is that eggs are fattening and unhealthy. And contrary to that, eating eggs everyday benefits in boosting your weight loss. By taking Eggs for breakfast, you can reduce your intake of calories, for the day, by 400. What happens when you eat eggs every day, you ask? Nothing much but just that you could be losing three pounds a month! The health-conscious ones can opt for organic Ayur eggs and be healthy while being fit.

Egg Out Your Stress:

Researchers found that, when people had sufficient lysine in their body, their anxiety and stress levels were considerably reduced. What’s Lysine, you ask again? It’s an amino acid that helps in building immunity to fight diseases. And Eggs, raw or cooked, are high in Lysine and can help you to modulate Serotonin, a chemical that nerve cells produce to regulate moods. So the benefits of eating Eggs not only includes kicking the diseases out but also de-stress your nerves.

An Egg For An Eye:

“Eggs are good for your eyes” You must have heard this line so many times as a child. And unlike the Boogeyman or the monster under the bed, this bit of info is true in all its sense.
Lutein and Zeaxanthin, the two major color pigment (Carotenoids) in the human eye are thought to function as a light filter, protecting the eye tissues from sunlight damage. These pigments are found mainly in leafy vegetables and surprise surprise, in Egg Yolks. Health benefits of eggs thus also include, protecting your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun.

Chronic Inflammations & How To Reduce Them:

Inflammation is the body’s way of saying that “I’m hurt but I’m working on it”. Because as soon as you get hurt, the injured part swells indicating that the white blood cells are at work. There are two types of inflammation – Acute and Chronic. While Acute is the normal one, Chronic inflammation is its evil twin. When there is a buildup of fatty, cholesterol-rich deposit called Plaque, your body perceives this Plaque as abnormal, so it attempts to wall off the plaque from the flowing blood. But if that wall breaks down, the plaque may rupture. The contents then will mingle with blood, forming a clot that blocks blood flow. These clots are responsible for the majority of heart attacks and most of the cardiovascular diseases. Eggs contain dietary phospholipids – compounds which have huge effects on inflammation. And so a dietary intake of egg phospholipids and choline is closely connected with the reduction on inflammation. Benefits of eating Eggs is that it has the high possibility of saving you from a blood clot or a cardiac arrest.

Liver Protection:

As mentioned before, Eggs are high in choline. This Choline can also come in handy to protect non-alcoholic Liver diseases. Because Choline deficiency is linked to the increase of Hepatic lipids which has the ability to cause Liver diseases. So eat more of those golden and white goodness to protect your Liver. At the very least, eating two eggs a day can bring about a great change in your daily life.

Smirk At Breast Cancer:

Probably, the most surprising of all is this – Eggs can help your body to prevent Breast Cancer. Yes, It’s true. Researchers found that eating eggs as an adolescent can help you to prevent from being affected by the most invasive cancer in women. The Choline present in the Eggs can help you from falling into the risk of developing Breast Cancer by 24%. So If you have two eggs a day then you can keep breast cancer away. One of the most important and most ignored among the benefits of eating Eggs is its ability to prevent Cancer, especially Breast Cancer.


At the end of the day, Eggs are an integral part of everyone’s diet. If not, they must be made so. And choosing the best kind of egg to make you healthy is the first step. One that is rich in minerals, toxic-free and 100% natural. It’s none other than Ayur Eggs where the chickens are not caged, fed with healthy Ayurvedic products and lay healthy eggs that are odourless too. If this article on the benefits of eating Eggs helped you in any way, check out our other blogs too.

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