– What Is Choline And Why Is It Essential During Pregnancy

What Is Choline And Why Is It Essential During Pregnancy: A Guide To Choline And The Ultimate Choline-rich Food

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Choline In Eggs

Choline in eggs are one of the main reasons that they still are the best form of Choline for pregnant women. And because of the considerably less cholesterol level, eggs are the best Choline supplement to ever exist.

What is Choline?

Choline is an essential nutrient, especially during pregnancy, due to the fact that it plays an important role in brain development. Choline synthesized naturally by our own body becomes insufficient for the baby’s healthy growth. This is where the abundant amount of Choline in eggs comes into play.

Choline Benefits –

“Choline has shown to be ranked last among common nutrients, as a nutrient to recommend for a healthy diet and only about 10% of health professionals indicate moderate familiarity with Choline.”

This underappreciated nutrient is in fact the main component in fetal and brain development, taking care of the areas that are responsible for memory and lifelong learning ability. Which is as important as it sounds!

Despite all the benefits of Choline, it is often ignored by most professionals. But since after the increasing defects in newborn children due to Choline deficiency, it has been brought to their attention as a pressing need. Infact, several researches done by experts show how much Choline must be consumed per day.

“450 mg/day Choline intake for Pregnant women and breastfeeding (lactating) mothers must have 550 mg/day.”

Benefits of Choline During Pregnancy –

Choline deficiency leads to birth defects that pose as a serious issue affecting 1 in 33 babies being born every year.

One research compared women who got sufficient Choline in their diets with women whose diet is low in Choline and found out that the latter has four times greater risk of having babies with neural tube defects such as spina bifida.

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Why Eggs?

Choline is found in abundance only in Eggs. One large egg (including the yolk) contains about 147 milligrams of Choline. Two large eggs contain more than half of the prescribed intake for pregnant women and help them meet their needs. Most of the prenatal and regular multivitamins provide considerably lesser Choline than that is required.

Since an egg is clearly the best Choline food for pregnancy, women should add it in their daily diet as part of a healthy eating pattern. Though many rumors state that eggs to some level increase the cholesterol or fat levels, but those are clearly just rumors. One of the mind blowing facts about eggs is that it only increases the good fat and not the LDL Cholesterol.

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Egg is the most choline-rich food that is also available readily and abundantly making it the unignorable addition to a super healthy diet. And Ayur eggs, contain less cholesterol level with thrice the level of Omega 3 and Choline, making it the healthiest option out there.

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