– Does The Color Of Egg Yolk Indicate How Nutritious It Is?

Does the color of egg yolk indicate how nutritious it is?

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Egg Yolk Color Freshness

Hey there! If you are looking to find out if your breakfast is as healthy as it seems to be or if you are a fitness freak who is looking for healthy food to gain good weight just like Jim, and most importantly if you cannot go a single day without having at least one egg, this article is eggsactly for you! Just like how a small, little egg contains tons of nutritional value, it is inherent that each egg part has loads of associated interesting stuff to dig deep into. This article particularly is all about the egg yolk color. Read on because all that glitters is not gold!

Inky pinky ponky, Choose the yolk that is healthy!

With so many egg nutrition facts being bombarded on you, you might have decided that organic eggs, that are all natural are the best choice, and they are! But shouldn’t you analyse if the eggs your retailer claims as organic eggs, free range eggs, or farm fresh eggs are really as healthy as they are said to be? The egg yolk color definitely is an indicator of the nutritional value of the egg. Let’s delve deeper and find out all that you need to know about the egg yolk color and an easy way to analyse if you are actually consuming healthy eggs!

The inheritance of egg yolk color

The color of all egg yolks for a fact is definitely not the same. They might be yellow, light orange, or dark orange in color. So, which egg yolk color do you think is the most nutritious? The egg yolk color depends solely on the hen’s diet and has got nothing to do with the freshness of the egg.

Let’s get into decoding the relationship between the color of the egg yolk and the chicken’s diet:

Darker egg yolk color:

Egg yolk Benefits

Hens that are fed with nutritious food such as garlic, turmeric, drumstick leaves, amla, marine algae feed, and other similar food and hens that are devoid of any antibiotics, toxins, hormones, and steroids lay eggs with darker and nutritious yolks. Also, free range hens with access to sunlight and food that pleases it like worms, food scraps, and grass lay eggs that are rich in nutrition too. Feeding marigold petals and other such darkening plant feeds also lead to a darker yolk color.

Lighter egg yolk color:

Benefits of Egg yolks

The diet of the hen is what matters and hens that are fed with yellow corn, alfalfa meals and other such feed produce yolks that are medium-yellow in color. Hens that eat meals containing wheat and barley produce lighter colored yolks. The eggs of caged hens are lighter in shade than the ones that are laid by free range hens.

In short, to state the obvious, “The healthier and organic the feed of the chicken that lays the egg is, the healthier is the yolk!”

The definitive checklist:

To make your analysis of healthier egg yolks easier, here is a checklist (that too, a definitive one!)

  1. Check if your egg is organic or all natural, because good eggs obviously contain healthier yolks. Buying from a trusted seller/ brand, without turning a blind eye to the composition is vital.
  2. See if the hens (if caged) are fed with herbal feed such as garlic, turmeric, amla, marine algae feed etc. that are nutritious
  3. Free range chickens have access to sunlight and consume nutritious food like worms, grass, and plants, making the yolk nutritious.

Eat good, feel good, and look good. Buy eggs that are deliciously healthy and are safe naturally!

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