– 5 Reasons How Bamboo Became The Hero We Never Thought We Needed

Ayur Eggs Did Their Part – 5 Reasons How Bamboo Became The Hero We Never Thought We Needed

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Advantages Of Bamboo Tree

Ayur Eggs have always been active in terms of supporting environmental issues. And after knowing the advantages of bamboo trees, they have taken a further step towards protecting the biodiversity as part of The Green Initiative in planting bamboo trees.

But the question remains, why bamboo?

Here are 5 facts that show the importance of bamboo:

1. No.1 In Carbon-dioxide Intake –

Yes, all trees do take in CO2 and release Oxygen. But Bamboo especially takes in the amount of carbon-dioxide released by 4 humans, unlike any other plant.

And not only that, it releases oxygen enough for a human, which is almost 35% more than what other plants give.

2. Growth Rate Is No Joke –

It really is no joke because bamboo grows at an alarming speed. Some species of bamboo even grow more than three feet each day!

No plant on the planet features this fast a growth. When it is harvested, it grows a new shoot from its extensive root system with no additional cultivation.

3. No Chemical Needed –

Unlike other cash crops, Bamboo does not need any chemical fertilizers to assist its growth.

Bamboo locks away the nitrogen and so its cultivation does not add chemicals to the environment and so protects the soils vitality. It also helps that it can grow in most of the soil & weather condition.

4. Economic Importance Of Bamboo –

Bamboo offers strength, versatility and a green alternative for most of the harmful things we use. It substitutes steel and even provides housing to 15% of the people in the world. Bamboo serves as the main building material for more than 1 billion people.

“25% of the world’s population rely on bamboo for their daily activities.”

5. Not Just For The Environment –

Use of bamboo in India after its harvest shows that virtually every part of the plant is used to make a wide variety of products. From soil-enriching mulch to beautiful furniture to chopsticks, every part of the plant can be utilized.

One mind-blowing fact about bamboo is that it survived one of the most devastation attacks – The Atomic Bomb. After the bomb blast of 1945 in Hiroshima, bamboo was the first plant to re-sprout. It has also survived through natural disasters.

Knowing the advantages of bamboo trees, Ayur Eggs decided to take responsibility for all the carbon footprint that was left. We planted a tree for every purchase that was made over a particular period of time. Now, the 43 acres land witnesses over 50,000 of Ayur Egg’s bamboo trees, contributing to a cleaner and fresher air, each and every day.

To see an aerial view of the Bamboo plantation land, click here.

Our care for this planet and our customers extends beyond words. So we show it through these little gestures that can yield big results. So to walk towards a greener and healthier lifestyle, join the Ayur family!

Thank you for reading and go green now!

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