organic food

Organic food has become popular over the last two decades. The term "organic" is referred to the product that is free of artificial food additives and is produced through farming practices that only use natural substances, avoiding all artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms. There is an evidence that suggests that food grown organically may be more nutritious and contain higher levels of antioxidants and certain micronutrients too. Organic meat, dairy products, and eggs are known to contain higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is associated with many health benefits.

Eggs have high protein but do we really get healthy nutritious eggs in India? At Sowbhaagya Group, we’ve perfected a technique of feeding hens with a highly nutritious ayurvedic (herbal) feed which includes turmeric, flaxseed, garlic, etc. Apart from increasing the hen’s immunity, beneficial nutrients such as Omega 3, DHA, Choline, Selenium, Carotenoids, Vitamin D, E, Iron, etc... are enriched in every egg laid by the hen.

These vitamins and minerals found in Ayur Eggs are more bioavailable for humans, more natural and healthy organic food too. The story behind your food is important. By choosing to buy Ayur Eggs, you can trust and understand what you’re eating and where it came from. Our team works hard to put quality and animal welfare at the heart of what we produce. We are now introducing these nutrition rich eggs to Bengaluru too. So Hyderabad & Bengaluru, choose to make the healthier switch to the best near Organic Brown Eggs - Ayur Eggs. Help us all move towards a more sustainable & healthy organic food lifestyle.Worry less about the odour and the proteins, by eating organic eggs. Producing the country's best chicken farms in India. Now make healthier choices by choosing all natural eggs from Ayur Eggs.


Very good and testy eggs Ayur eggs and desi eggs
Service is also good. I liked it thanks.

sara banu

Ayur eggs changed that perception completely. They had a wide range of eggs from which I had ordered free range and desi eggs. It was then, I realized that there is a huge difference between the regularly available eggs and Ayur eggs. The egg yolk was odorless. True. I was pleasantly surprised at that fact. There was nothing that could possibly put me off and I could relish hard boiled eggs. Nothing else that I could ask for.

If one wants to taste delicious and odorless eggs, then do opt for Ayur eggs, without a second thought.

Ta Nuja

These eggs are really good with health benefits. Thank you Ayur.

Harshit Srivastava

Ayur eggs were really very delicious..I liked it ..packing also very good ..it’s good for health.. totally very fine go for it..

Venkatesh Chegudi

My sister used Ayur+ eggs to eat them during delivery. Now, Kids at home craving for it calling special egg. I came to know it’s their preferred snack.


Ayur Team,
I tried your eggs first time couple of weeks back and then onwards I became a big fan of your eggs. Ayur Eggs are so good in taste and as you mentioned it has no smell. My son who likes eggs a lot but used to complain about smell many times however he stopped complaining since I started using Ayur eggs. Thank you for good product and maintain it the same way all the time.


During my pregnancy doctors suggested me to eat eggs. Due to hypersensitivity, I was unable to eat eggs. I’m happy to consume Ayur+ eggs as there is no bad odor and reflux egg taste. Moreover, there are no antibiotics and hormones.


These eggs were rich in yolk colour..good in taste..odour was not found even if boiled or scrambled.. taste & see for ur self.. sure u will love these….

Teja Sujith Chowdary

The eggs in the market nowadays smell bad after cooking, they are not what they used to be a few years ago. I’ve heard that regular farms inject hens with all sorts of chemicals to meet increased demands through higher production. I needed a safer and healthier option as I consume around 6 eggs a day for my muscle building goals. Ayur Egg has a rich taste, doesn’t smell bad, and the albumen is as opaque as it should be. Though the price is double compared to a normal egg, I deem this as an investment in health and not any frivolous purchase.

Vinae Te

Ayur plus eggs are good for health. If you want to be fit you can have each egg a day. Keep going as per your vision. Thanks for supplying proteins for our health. All the best for your further. Ease maintained the same.

Chebrolu Bhanu Bhaskaar